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Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck

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Console: Sega Master System

The neanderthal visage of the Son of Chuck may evoke memories of horror-movie namesake Chucky, but then his old man was no Fabio either. This sequel to the original caveman-vs.-dinosaurs anachronism-fest improves on its cult predecessor in a number of ways: Rock the Younger is smaller, nimbler, and even handier in a fight thanks to a persistent melee-ready club.

With the original villain, Gary Gritter, vanquished by Chuck Sr., its down to the son to rescue his kidnapped pa from new foe Brick Jagger (look, if you didn’t want awesome stone-age puns you should’ve picked another franchise). The games six levels offer platforming, rope-swinging, enemy-clobbering, and all the other challenges our pre-human ancestors overcame to allow you to be reading this.

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