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Donkey Kong Country

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Console: Super Nintendo

Donkey Kong was the original face of Nintendo during the early arcade days, but by the time the SNES had rolled around, the big ape had been overshadowed by a certain Italian plumber. Meanwhile, the big ape hadn’t starred in a game in years, and Donkey Kong Jr., the original baddie’s son, only had a supporting role in Super Mario Kart.

Fortunately, Donkey Kong Country used then-revolutionary 3D sprites to bring new life to the character. At the time, no other game had the same level of detail. In fact, there still aren’t many games that look like it. Admittedly, the gameplay isn’t quite as smooth as many of the other contemporary Nintendo titles. At times, the game can be downright frustrating, but DKC is still worth the occasional playthrough, as are its many sequels.

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