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Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts

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Console: Sega Master System

That catchy soundtrack. That merciless difficulty curve. Those iconic boxer shorts. The NES got the original instalment of Capcom’s lance-chucking platform epic, but the sequel mainly stuck to gruntier consoles – except for putting in an appearance on the Master System, which rose to the challenge with a conversion to put many 16-bit platformers to shame.

Boasting a nimble, double-jumping Arthur, four-way fire for omnidirectional demon-eradication, and a unique RPG-style power-up system, the Master System’s G&G is less a Genesis downscale and more its own special challenge altogether. New to the series? Give this one a whirl – but when you think you’re almost done, don’t go making plans for the rest of your day quite yet.

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