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Supaplex is a video game created by Philip Jespersen and Michael Stopp, two Swiss students, and published by Digital Integration in 1991. It is an extended clone of Boulder Dash.

Designed as a version of Boulder Dash that could fit onto a floppy disk, the designers had a hard time developing better graphics under said constraint. The original Amiga Supaplex version had to fit on a standard 880kB floppy disk and it needed to run on a standard 512kB Amiga like the original A500 or A2000. In fact: The Amiga version could not be copied onto the hard drive due to copy protection and its custom disk format.

The game was released for Amiga and MS-DOS. (Two people from the London area started developing a full version for the Atari ST, but it was never released, because of the limited graphical support.) Unofficial ports have been made to other platforms, such as the ZX Spectrum.

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