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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Console: Gameboy Color

Protagonist Link finds himself in a strange new world when the Triforce sends him to the land of Holodrum.

Here, he witnesses a kidnapping, and sets out to rescue the Oracle of Seasons.

This game is also tied into Oracle of Ages, where players must complete both games to see the true ending.

This is a fantastic 2D Legend of Zelda game, with tons of cool items and interesting mechanics.

The main feature in Oracle of Seasons is the ability to change the seasons, using an item called the Rod of Seasons.

With this power and his extensive list of items, Link explores the world and attempts to find the eight essences of nature.

If you’ve played A Link to the Past on SNES or Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy Color, you’ll love this game.

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