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The New Zealand Story

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Console: Sega Master System

Taito’s platformer was legendarily conceived after a company exec took a vacation in the future Middle-earth and decided here was a country worth designing a platform game around. As a tourist record its puzzling at best – ornithologists would have a hard time picking the high-flying hero as a kiwi, the country’s flightless mascot, and mass birdnappings by feral seals are rare at best in the Antipodes. But you probably couldn’t make a whole game out of being brilliant at rugby and sheep farming, so it may be that Taito’s programmers had the right idea.

This is a platformer with an unusual emphasis on evasion and combat, perfect for those times when you want a game to chirp upbeat melodies while reminding you that games of the olden days were mainly designed for the purpose of kicking your ass.

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