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Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

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Console: Gameboy Advance

In 2001, Tony Hawk’s name still carried serious weight in gaming, so a handheld adaptation of THPS2 in the GBA’s launch library was a pretty big deal. Its still a pretty big deal, actually, if you consider what a challenge it must have been adapting Pro Skater’s kick-flipping, rail-grinding 3D action to a 2D handheld. THPS2 pulled it off brilliantly, though, delivering an isometric, kinda-3D-looking game that felt uncannily like its console counterparts.

The sense of gravity, the responsiveness of the tricks, the depth of gameplay, and even the layouts of the levels were all carried over faithfully from the real THPS2. Sure, it could sometimes be a little hard to make out whether certain objects were convex or concave, and one of the console versions biggest selling points – its soundtrack – was necessarily left out. But the gameplay was all there, and it was proof positive that the GBA was going to deliver some amazing things in the years that followed.

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